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I watch a lot of crap.

—- 27

The atheistic of this commercial is just beautiful. It’s Captivating.

—- 26

One of the best PSA’s I have ever seen, speaks to the soul.

—- 25

This is one of the coolest surf films I’ve watched, it takes you on a journey, brings out emotions, and has a little bit of surfing. 

—- 24

It’s been ages I know. 
But this short film is beautiful, and I had to share it. 

—- 23

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And this video just compliments it. 

—- 22

One of the best music videos I have ever seen. Hyperlapses from another planet! 

—- 21

Something a bit different, dance is an art, an expression, and this is a beautiful documentary. 

—- 20

This is awesome, I actually didn’t want this to stop.

Great things coming out of Gnarly Bay Productions

—- 19 

Any Creative should watch this!

So much wisdom, 
So much truth,
So much inspiration.